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Rickey Dillard on Get Up Mornings with Erica Campbell

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Ricky Dillard Premieres His New Song ‘Hold On’

It’s Get Up Mornings I’m Erica Campbell and joining us today is the choir master himself, Ricky Dillard. Welcome back to Get Up Mornings, Ricky,  

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Good to be back with both of you and hear your voices this morning. 


Rickey, I feel like you dressed up right now, like your pajama game is, like, amazing. 


Wait a minute you know I have done this show not just as a guest, but as a co-host for many years, and I already know what to do, you better get that voice together. You better get your attitude together, cause we getting ready to go on the air. 



Come on hello absolutely! Listen, we’re excited about this single from your choir master. Two album that’s out now. So introduce this new song called “Hold on” 


Well, you know, we’re in a season where people are discouraged, responding that they are going through valleys. They are going through experiences and it looks like they’re ready to give up. But we got a message for you that you better hold on. Because it won’t be long before he meets every need in your life. Hold on by Ricky Dillard and Newegg. 



That’s good and churchy right there. I love it. That song makes you feel like you were right there at the live recording. Alright, guys, Ricky Dillard is still with us. So tell us a little bit about the live recording. How was it?  


And you know Erica, how we do it? I would like to have you come be guest at the breakthrough album. But God took us to a whole nother level in Cincinnati, we had a time. We had the time and of course, you know, my call of God is on the choir. It’s to the choir. And I’m so thankful to present black gospel choir music and of course, again, I understand all aspects of gospel. I welcomed them all, but do not try to kick us off the thing, because what we have to give is for Sunday morning worship for those who love tradition and like the traditional sound, the sound black sound the sound that we have come through many great trials and tribulations. But on the other side, the victory there is the joy of God, that he has kept us because we held on. 

 Are talking about with this new piece just inspiring and encourage the people for 2024 that gotta go. Hold on and wait on God because he has some great things in store. He’s got some things laid up that you’ve been waiting on that you’ve been asked for and he is ready to move on your behalf. So again, this album is to encourage the listener and the believer. You have to be a believer in order to hear these songs in order for them to work and to inspire your heart and life. So we thank God for our Master 2 which is to be released in January 2024. 


See the live performance below


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