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Metro transit landscape is at a crossroads as Metro officials issue a dire warning – without swift action to bridge a substantial budget gap, severe repercussions may hit the transit system. WMATA finds itself in a tight spot, grappling with a complex interplay of factors.

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Ridership recovery post-pandemic remains sluggish, while the emergency funding that kept Metro operational during the height of the pandemic is drying up. This ominous combination has left WMATA facing a staggering $750 million budget deficit, threatening both passengers and the Metro workforce.

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During a recent Metro Board meeting, officials painted a grim picture of what could unfold if action isn’t taken. Nearly 95 of WMATA’s 134 bus routes could face elimination, leading to significant increases in wait times, up to 20-30 minutes, and the potential early end of all services at 9:30 p.m. on weekdays.

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In a desperate bid to stabilize finances, WMATA is even considering the suspension of Metrorail services on either Saturdays or Sundays. WMATA General Manager Randy Clarke emphasizes that these measures are currently being explored as options, not finalized plans. Nonetheless, they underscore the severity of the looming budget crisis, a matter of paramount concern for the Metro’s future.

source: The DMV Daily


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