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You know, I went to some great churches yesterday. I went to change church with doctor Darius Daniels, and then I went to Dream Center and Kierra Sheard was preach was preaching, which was really, really great. And I was so, so encouraged. Just the word was so powerful. And and it’s so necessary and so needed in our lives and was a charge. 


The believers to you know, really live right and understand our power and things like that. And it made me think about our relationship with culture and the world that we live in, and how sometimes believers can tend to feel less than. I’ve never been that kind of Christian, I’ve never been. I never felt like I was less than because I was the Jesus girl. I felt like I was. I had some extra supernatural power, and I wish I really wish that we would walk in that divine authority. That we would understand who we are and whose we are, that the enemy is not more powerful than our God.  


Listen, Scripture tells us that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess. But here’s what I want you to know, especially those that maybe are like me, and you grew up in church. You grew up hearing come out from among them, and you should you hear? You know what I mean? Evil communication corrupts good manners. And it does. But if you are the light, where does the light work best? In darkness, right? If you are the light in Scripture tells us we’re like a lamp being set on a heel like God has put us in the position to shine before an unchurched world, an ungodly world. It doesn’t know his life, his love, his power, his strength.  

And so we need to be equip our churches, need to equip us to go out and fight, not just go. Yes, you go and you get bandaged up and you go get healed and you get information to help you be better for your life. But if you’re hoarding all this good gospel to yourself and you ain’t sharing it with nobody what’s the point? We’re supposed to be sharing it with other people? We’re supposed to be in the public square. We’re supposed to be in these circles, you’re supposed to be in politics. You’re supposed to be in sports. And I didn’t say go and, you know, take a tambourine in the Bible and stump on people’s heads, operate in your gift, whatever your gift is, right, but also be a light that causes them to say, I want to talk to you. Can you pray for me? I want to go to church with you. I heard you’re talking about this. And let’s discuss it where you are literally drawing people to Jesus. That’s what we’re supposed to be doing.  

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But unfortunately, we want to be so accepted by the cool kids. It’s like elementary school all over again. The cool kids are over there, and they do this, and they do that and everything is OK. They can go. They Mamas don’t tell them nothing. They don’t have to be in the house or the street lights coming. So they the cool kids and so y’all wanna be them. But y’all we are the people of God, the children of God. We are powerful. We are strong, we are mighty. Walk in that. Get in the word and find out who you really are. Put your phone down. Quit swiping sometimes. Get in your word and say God, show me my divine authority and allow me to walk in it. In every space I walk in and then allow me to dominate. I don’t want to be second rate. I want to dominate in every space that I get in all for God’s glory, not for my ego, but to show them this is how this is how God’s people this is how we operate.  


We’re not less than right. We’re not the underdogs. Y’all. Come on. We gotta change the way we think. If the very name of Jesus makes demons tremble, why aren’t you using the name of Jesus more often than your dealings and what you’ve got going on y’all know, I pray for every business meeting I pray before I sign every contract. Sometimes I pray before the phone call because I want the Holy Spirit to guide me every step of the way to word my mouth, to ask for things that I wouldn’t usually ask for. 


To say things that I may think, oh, they may be offended by that, I need I need that lion like Holy Spirit, boldness that makes me change the room when I walk into it, not try to get close to the person that I think is cool. Come on, y’all. Let’s walk in. Authority.  



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