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Faith Walking: With Guest Dr. Kym Lee

faith walking

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So today’s faith walk is something that’s near and dear to me and that is an assignment with no assistance and you all are familiar with this passage of Scripture coming from John the 9th chapter. After where it talks about the boy who was born blind, you know this story very well. The Bible says that Jesus, he spits on the ground and makes mud out of the spit and he puts it on the young man and he opens up his eyes with this this amazing concoction. And he tells the boy, he says, listen, go down to the pool. And when you go to the pool wash and you will come up seeing. And it is in that text with Jesus never gave him any assistance. He literally just spit on him or spat on him and he came up able to see.  


And I don’t know about you, but there have been some moments in my life as a mother, as a first lady of a church, even as an entrepreneur, where I had no assistance. It’s God just told me what to do. But I had no assistance in getting through that particular area and people thought that he was going to actually come up one way, but he came up able to see after all of his life not having his eyesight. And I know that there have been times in my life where I didn’t have the people around me. I didn’t have no one to assist me but listen, the finances didn’t even line up. But some kind of way. God made a way and I was able to figure it out. And I had to get through this whole faith walk without any kind of assistance, and I even got angry sometimes. Sure, I got angry in those moments and I felt like, you know what, what am I gonna do without this assistance and what God wanted me to do was he wanted me to learn to walk by faith and not by sight. And God wanted me to learn that even if I give you an assignment, and it doesn’t seem like you have any help that I have given you the help. I’ve equipped you to be able to do my work. 


The Bible says that he came up seeing and the very thing that should have blinded him actually allowed him to be able to see. So the people, they weren’t just astonished by the fact that he got up but that he got up with the ability to see something that he never seen before. But this is the part that blessed me. Cheryl is that he walked there blindly to the water. And so he walked there. How did he get there? Because he heard the water. And so we had to remember. So when you hear God, you have to remember to listen to God’s word. He heard that water, and that water was what actually got him to get up. It’s what made him get up. And so I’m so excited today that God will give us what we need and that when we don’t have the assistance, even in the assignment, God gives us what we need. So hopefully this encourages someone to walk by faith.  




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