After seeing more and more African Americans being persecuted, it begs the question, “When will this madness stop, Lord?”


The recent months have seen several racial attacks in America comprehensively covered in the new media.  The harassment includes black children in Philadelphia who were not allowed to swim at a primarily white country club after being invited.  Reports of the incident state that racial slurs were hurled at the children by parents of white children at the pool.

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Another attack occurred in Missouri where a black teenager was set on fire by two white classmates.  Ironically, it is now the black teenager who has been charged with assault for an earlier altercation with one of the teenage relatives of the white kids who set him on fire.  Even First Lady Michelle Obama was compared to a gorilla by the former chairman of the South Carolina Election Commission.

It is truly heartbreaking that at a time when a black man can be elected President, a black man can be appointed Attorney General, and a black woman can be nominated Surgeon General that African Americans of any station are still victims of verbal and physical attacks solely because of their race.

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