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New year, new career? many will be re-evaluating the state of their work life. Some of you may feel like you are stuck and are looking for new tips on resume writing, how to network, and more. Today, Shaundra Dineen, also known as Coach Shaun D returns to the Get Up Church. She’s a veteran workforce development and accountability coach. She’s also an award-winning motivational speaker and podcaster. She is here to help us make our resumes noticeable to employers, ways to network, and how to get unstuck in your career.


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Tip #1. Do some self-assessments

Coach Shaun D: Absolutely we have to be self-aware. So when you start to evaluate your career, think about yourself. What life experience has impacted the way that you feel about your career. Are you contributing to a greater cause that you can be proud of, or how is your mental wellness as a result of your career? Three things that we start to look at as we self-assess in our career relationship. 

Tip #2: Identify your soft skill.

Coach Shaun D: Soft skills are that intangible skill set. That you know it’s not really. Learned, it’s just naturally what you do. You might be a natural nurturer or a natural critical thinker. You might be a natural problem solver, and those things are not taught, but they’re. Here like part of the clock of who you are. 

Tip #3: Take an online personality behavior test to identify your natural skills and abilities

Coach Shaun D: Right now we’re not diagnosing anything. We’re not diagnosing anything but personality. Behavior tests help you to find your strengths. You know such things as strength finders or Myer Briggs. They help you to explore career paths based on. Your strong points. What are your strengths? What are you good at and, how do you link your career? 

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