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Today we welcome Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Karima to the Get Up! Church. We know the New Orleans, Louisiana native from the singing group “Virtue” but she is now out on her own and making a name for herself. Her single “Redeemer” hit number #1 and she’s back again with a new track entitled “It’s Alright To Cry.

Erica talks about some of Karima’s other passions, including a new fashion line and “That Soup Chic.”


Listen to the interview below:


Erica: So I understand you recently launched the Karima Brand. Tell us all about this new line of merch.

Karima: Listen, when I tell you God is just like go get it Karima like I’m singing your song, “Go Get It.” So I am just I’m it’s a point where you get where you know what if you’re not going to do it now when? So this has been on my heart to do for years but since I was a little girl get back to my sister. I’ve been the one by the sewing machine. Well, my mom makes all the clothes, give me the scraps. Let me design my Barbie doll clothes. You know, let me do this. And I’ve had sketchbooks forever. And so this is just the beginning, you know, the premiere of, of getting it out there, but I plan to do so much more with it. And I’m so excited about it. So it’s a fun, funky, chic, bold line that is all about creating what you want to be a part of. And that’s what I did.

Erica: I love it! Well, before you launched your brand, you started “That Soup Chic.” Are you still making homemade organic soups?

Karima: Listen, it’s so crazy that everything I’ve asked God for keeps… Well, first of all, when I started the soup chic, he (God) told me it was going to be everywhere. So I’m proud I probably shouldn’t say this, but I’m gonna tell you because I believe in speaking what I want to be a part of and, and but and it’s already in line to like just go where it’s going. But it’s going to be global. The soup is going to be everywhere. So leave that there and, yes, you’ll be able to try that soup kick everywhere.

Erica: What’s your favorite? What’s your favorite soup to make and why?

Karima: Let me tell you, I love that. Like the first. Of course, it’s the first soup I ever made. It was the chicken noodle soup I’d never made before. And I just had all of the ingredients and I hate chicken soup if I’m honest.

Erica: Really?

Karima: Yeah, it just doesn’t taste good. And I’m just like, this is this one carrot, this one noodle and it’s really salty. And it’s not really good, you know? And so I’m like, Okay, I know how to you know, you know, from being from New Orleans, you know, all the I mean, even if you’re not from New Orleans if you know how to cook you know how to make stuff tastes the way you want it to take when I made that soup. It was the best-tasting chicken noodle soup. I named it “the best chicken noodle soup ever.” Yesterday, I made a carrot ginger soup, and Oh my It’s delicious. And I’ve jarred to give to a couple of friends that I made too much on accident. But, you know, I just I whatever the Lord puts in the pot. It is supposed to be a healing. So it really is a healing element to the soup with people that have eaten it. They’re like, Oh my god, I had a stuffy nose. I couldn’t breathe. What did you put in it? And you’re like now? So you guys look out for that to a head. Yeah, it’s an absolute. All the all the things.

Erica: We’re talking to Grammy-nominated Karima. Her new single Redeemer is available now on all digital outlets. You can follow her on social media at Karima Trotter, what message would you leave with the people today?

Karima: Listen, I would say whatever God puts on your heart, do it and do it if you’re scared to do it anyway. God is God’s gift not given a sorry a spirit of fear anyway. So our job is to just seek Him as we go. So keep going. Don’t stop you can do whatever you put your mind to and nothing is impossible with God, nothing.



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