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Gas Prices

Source: Bill Clark / Getty

The DMV’s gas prices reached a new record high this week! For the first time since 2008, the national average price per gallon surpassed $4 on Sunday and the prices are projected to hit an all-time high in the upcoming days. Gas prices had been climbing in the past months due to higher demand but this recent spike has been largely triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has sparked fears of oil supply shortages and disruptions.

Here’s a breakdown of gas prices across the DMV, as of Monday, March 7 courtesy of NBC4:

Washington, D.C.’s average gas prices are well above the national mean at $4.225 per gallon, according to AAA. That’s 60 cents more than it was a month ago and the highest seen since 2011.


In Maryland, the average price per gallon is at $4.09, a bit cheaper than in D.C. but still the most expensive on record, AAA said. Montgomery County has the highest price in the state at $4.177 per gallon, followed by Howard County ($4.163), St. Mary’s County ($4.144), and Prince George’s County ($4.134).

While the average price in Virginia remains around $3.9 per gallon, in Northern Virginia, every jurisdiction is above $4 per gallon, according to AAA. Fairfax City has the highest average price at $4.167 per gallon, followed by Alexandria City ($4.15) and Fairfax County ($4.146). You’d have to travel to Rappahannock County to find anything cheaper than $4 at the gas pump, according toAAA’s tracking.

source: nbc4