Pivot. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines this word as “a usually marked change; an adjustment or modification in order to adapt or improve.” To pivot in life means to change direction, change careers or do something different, make different choices outside of your norm or comfort zone. Sometimes pivoting is necessary to take us to our next level.

A biblical example of what it means to pivot is the story of Paul, originally born Saul. He went from persecuting Christians and imprisoning them, to preaching Jesus and helping to spread the Gospel (Acts 9:1-22).

It’s never too late to pivot! If God has laid it on your heart to do it, then He’s made the way, paved the path and created provision. There is a blessing in obedience. Fully rely on God, take a deep breath and PIVOT!

Pivot! – A Motivational Moment  was originally published on praisedc.com