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This week on the Community Affairs Show, Cheryl Jackson talks with Rev. Dr. Sharon Styles Anderson, Esq. about the current events regarding the insurrection, the impeachment and the Inauguration.  Over the last decade Dr. Anderson has focused her career on building civility in a society that all too often seems tilted toward uncivil speech and actions.  We witnessed this in the latest current events that has just been added to our American History.  Dr. Anderson explain what the latest insurrection on our United States Capitol Building means for our country and how the country should respond to prosecute all those involved, including National Security, all Political figures, as well as President Donald Trump.

Dr. Anderson also explains what it means for President Donald to be impeached for a second time and how the proceedings will go once the Senate is back in session.

Dr. Anderson just hosted a conference in December entitled “Are we headed for Civil War”.  We discussed the out come of this conference as it relates to all of the racial division in the country today.  We will continue our conversation next week on the Insurrection, the Impeachment and the Inauguration next week.

About Rev. Dr. Sharon Styles Anderson, Esq.:

Rev. Dr. Sharon Styles Anderson, Esq. is the CEO of KCG Consulting Services, LLC- a consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses with strategic planning, training, and funding. Through her business, KCG Consulting Services, LLC – Dr. Anderson specialized in non-profit and small business funding strategies and grant writing. She has acquired millions of dollars for small businesses, large companies, and non-profits across the country for over 10 years.

Over the last decade Dr. Anderson has focused her career on building civility in a society that all too often seems tilted toward uncivil speech and actions, and through research and experience is developing a proven framework for cultivating a safe and productive culture of civility and respect in all spheres of our daily lives. She is renown as a Global Thought leader in the area of civility and a published author on the subject of civility and the law; her first article “Still Officers of the Court: Why the First Amendment Is No Bar to Challenging Racism, Sexism and Ethnic Bias in the Legal Profession” was published in the Georgetown University Law Journal on Legal Ethics. Her new book “Emotional Civility-The New Standard for Global Success” scheduled for release this Spring, is a critical piece in a time where civility in our world seems to have vanished. The book reminds us of the powerful concept to not allow our emotions to control our speech or conduct, and reminds us of the impact of emotional incivility on our societies and communities.

Dr. Anderson currently serves as an Executive Pastor and is on the Board of Directors at the Temple of Praise in Washington, DC under the leadership of Bishop Dr. Glen A. Staples.

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