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Atlanta High School football

Source: Pharoh Martin / Radio One

This story has “SAD” written all over it.

Last year a young man name Jamal Speaks made national headlines when he was homeless, but continued to go to school and to excel in the sport of High School Football.  Jamal Speaks was a bonifide star!!! He had colleges all over the nation looking at him and writing him with all kind of college offers.

But the story had a twist.  Controversy arose when the school found out that Jamal Speaks was homeless.  High School regulations say that an athlete must have a legal address in order to participate in High School Sports.

After much negotiations from the Mayor, the City and the School Board, it was determed that Jamal was able to play for famed Ballou High School.

But now, Jamal Speaks is making headlines for another reason.  He is awaiting sentencing for the shooting death of his girlfriend.

Jamal Speaks, of Palmer Park, Maryland, pleaded guilty on Monday to involuntary manslaughter and obstruction of justice, a spokesman for the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office said.

At the time, Jamal Speaks, then 19, was playing with a gun he had purchased illegally when he fired it one time and struck 18-year-old Saniyah Floyd. She died from a single gunshot wound.

Witnesses initially told police that Floyd shot herself, but the medical examiner later determined that was not possible and ruled the case a homicide.

Investigators said it was Speaks who fired the weapon, then placed the gun in Floyd’s hand to make it appear as if she had shot herself.

Eventually, after being pressed by Police, Jamal Speaks pleaded guilty, and is not awaiting sentencing.  So instead of a great college and professional career, Jamal Speaks is headed to prison.

We are praying for both families!!

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