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Each year on the Monday following Labor Day, National Boss/Employee Exchange Day offers an opportunity to see how the other half of a business works.

While bosses and employees often have brainstorming sessions, exchanging positions provides insight into the business. When done with planning and communication, the exchange can lead to successful business solutions. Employees gain confidence and leadership skills. Another benefit from the role reversal includes the added respect or improvements to workflows.

Comparing notes following the exchange will be a vital part of the process. Additionally, those discussions should be in the spirit of the day. Take advantage of the knowledge gained and present ideas that will advance the business.

Most bosses have many employees. One way to execute this experience is by having team members nominate one person to swap places with the boss. Not only does this afford a respected member of the team an opportunity to bring feedback to the group, but it also places the boss squarely on the team. The hands-on experience will provide a good leader with insight normally overlooked.

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On this day, you and your boss can switch places for the day and see how the other one spends their day.  Can you do their job?  Can they do your job? Be proactive and plan ahead. Schedule a planning session with your boss or supervisor. Exchange a list of responsibilities. Following the day experience, share ideas, solutions, and thoughts. Each of you may find new ways of doing a task or insight into the other’s position. Share new understandings and skills from this day using #BossEmployeeExchangeDay to post on social media.

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