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American Diabetes Association Promotes Radio One Team For DC Walk

Source: BreAnna Holmes / Radio One Digital

On Thursday, August 22, WYCB AM 1340 & “THE WINSTON CHANEY MORNING SHOW” was information driven!!!  The information was something that affects every family in America.  Diabetes!!!

“Michelle Harris” & “Titi Ogunmakinwa” from the AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION stopped to talk about the dangers of Diabetes.

These two lovely ladies were well versed and prepared for any question or situation that they were confronted with; and believe me, I asked the tough and real question about this horrible disease.

They talked about symptons of pre-diabetes and how to reverse the early stages.   These ladies even went so far as to tell the audience what foods or activities to do to prevent or reverse the signs of Diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association is having a “Diabetes Walk” on the National Mall on Saturday, September 21st starting at 8 am.  If you need any information on the Diabetes Walk, or any information to the prevent and reversal of Diabetes, log onto “Diabetes.org.”

Special thanks to “Michelle Harris” & “Titi Ogunmakinwa” from the AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION for stopping by “THE WINSTON CHANEY MORNING SHOW.”

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