Patrick J. Kennedy Visits FOX News' 'America's Newsroom'

Source: John Lamparski / Getty

ANOTHER FOX NEWS HOST has done it again!!!!

TUCKER CARLSON – the host of the “Tucker Carlson Show” on FOX News went on a Rant on Live TV about what he called “THE LEFT WING” – which are the Democrats, and went on for more than 7 minutes talking about “WHITE SUPREMACY.”

He ranted about gun control and how the Democrats are only for gun control and how the Democrats talk about anyone who opposes gun control is a bad person and he went on and on an on!!!

Immediately advertisers started pulling commercials off the air!!!!  When that happens, you can pretty much cancel his next show.  By the way, after the Rant, he went on Vacation.

He may have an extra long vacation.

Here is what he said:

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