Perimeter Scene at Police Station Where Officer Was Killed

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Have you gotten an speeding ticket lately that you thought was a big trivial, or have you gotten a citation that you thought made no sense, or have you gotten arrested lately and said to yourself, “you gonna arrest me for that?”

Well, your suspicion might have some merit!!!

An unauthorized incentive program within the Prince George’s County Police Department has drawn a negative response from their own Police Chief Hank Stawinski.

Here’s what’s got the Chief ticked off.  He found out that this incentive program would give officers who were the most productive would receive 10 hours of compensatory time on a monthly basis.

This is not good from the eyes of the public!!  They took an oath to serve the public with honor, truth  and justice, and not for compensatory time each month.

CHIEF STAWINSKI:   “Briefly in the last six months … “This meant that if a patrol squad had eight members and one officer wrote eight citations, another officer wrote seven, another six and going down the line one, then the officer who wrote the most would get 10 hours of comp time.”  “It’s not a quota-based system.”

The Chief went on to say that program involved any kind of enforcement action, such as warnings, equipment repair orders, person stops, arrests, etc.

CHIEF STAWINSKI:  “This creates the possibility in people’s mind that an officer would make a traffic stop, detain a person, make an arrest, in order to receive a benefit.”  “It’s not the appropriate manner to professionally police in 2019.”   He also said that an internal affairs inquiry found no complaints that appeared to be related to the program.


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