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On August 1, National Girlfriends Day encourages women across the U.S. to get together and celebrate their special bond of friendship.

Girlfriends fall into many categories. While many grew up together, others meet through work or college. Still, others share a bond much deeper; sisters and mothers meet the definition of girlfriends, too.

Though these types of relationships cross our minds frequently, we often fail to set aside time to spend with each other. The day promotes the laughter and joys girlfriends bring. Rarely do girlfriends let another go it alone. Not only do they enjoy spending time together, they support each other, too. While laughing and sharing secrets, girlfriends offer advice and celebrate successes.  When it’s time for a glass of wine, a chat over a cup of coffee or to go for a long walk, girlfriends are there.

Friendship is one of the most special connections in life.

Whether we have one or many, girlfriends make life better, fuller and complete.  These are the friends that can make you laugh at life’s silliest things. A girlfriend is who you turn to when life is not so kind.  In its simplest of form, National Girlfriends Day celebrates the unlimited ways life is better with our girlfriends in it.


Today, let your gal pals know just how much they mean to you and how special they are in your life. Go out for lunch or a drink with a friend. Give a small token of appreciation.  Go to that movie you have been waiting for.  Reminisce about the past.  Plan a future outing.  Share your dreams over a cup of coffee. Be sure these relationships don’t become neglected. Send a note. Write a card. Make that phone call. Whatever you do, reach out often to stay in touch. Post on social media using #NationalGirlfriendsDay.


The earliest formal announcement of a National Girlfriends Day that National Day Calendar® found was created by mother-daughter authors Kathleen Laing and Elizabeth Butterfield in 2002. They selected September 20th for their celebration along with the publication of their book Girlfriends Getaway.

However, two other claims to National Girlfriends Day on August 1 go to Mistress Susan and in 2003 and Allie Savarino Kline and Sally Rodgers of in 2006.

source:  National Day Calendar