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A teenager joyfully licked a pre-packeged ice cream from a Walmart freezer and placed the ice cream back like it never happened. The act was done and recorded with glee and not with the knowledge of the consequences. The unsaniatry act was later posted on Twitter for laughs but they received much more then laughs.  So, the police has found the teenager and the person who recorded the act and they will be faced with charges.

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To follow, 36 year old, Lenise Martin III also made a viral video of himself licking a pre-packaged ice cream from a store’s freezer. The video was posted on Facebook for attention. Parish Sheriff’s deputies arrested Lenise Martin III because he also, licked a frozen dessert, poked it with his finger before putting it back on the shelf.



Now others are pulling pre-packaged ice cream out freezers at stores while recording the act just to post on social media. This act is now becoming a challange called the Ice Cream Challange on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and more. This ice cream challenge could start an epidemic.



Are we safe to buy pre-packaged ice cream in stores now? Make sure to look if the ice cream you purchase is properly sealed.



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