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The Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis did a study entitled “Foot Traffic Ahead” to determine which cities are the easiest to get around in on foot.  They have listed the top 30 cities in the United States in the order of “Walkable” Cities.

Findings in the report were based on access to office, retail and rental multifamily occupied squared footage relative to the metro region as a whole.

 When looking at social equity, D.C. came in second place, just behind New York City.  In 2016, D.C. ranked second place and in the 2014 report, D.C. ranked first among most walkable cities.

Here is the list of cities by rank considered “MOST WALKABLE CITIES.”

  1. New York City
  2. Denver
  3. Boston
  4. Washington, DC
  5. San Francisco Bay Area
  6. Chicago
  7. Pittsburgh
  8. Seattle
  9. Atlanta
  10. Charlotte
  11. Philadelphia
  12. Cincinnati
  13. Portland
  14. Minneapolis-St. Paul
  15. Cleveland
  16. St. Louis
  17. Baltimore
  18. Kansas City
  19. Sacramento
  20. Los Angeles
  21. Dallas-Ft. Worth
  22. Houston
  23. Detroit
  24. Miami
  25. San Diego
  26. Tampa
  27. Orlando
  28. San Antonio
  29. Phoenix
  30. Las Vegas
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