Fareedah Shaheed

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“FAREEDAH SHAHEED” – a Cybersecurity coach and strategist spend the morning on “THE WINSTON CHANEY MORNING SHOW.”

Ms. Shaheed came to Radio-One to talk about the importance of cybersecurity in your life and business.  She talked about how to keep kids, Mothers, Fathers, Families and Companies safe from Cyber Attacks and Cyber Bullying.

Fareedah Shaheed is the CEO and Founder of Sekuva, a cybersecurity coaching business, where she helps small business owners and families implement cybersecurity fundamentals in their businesses and lives.

She has taught hundreds of people cybersecurity awareness, has hosted lunch and learns, and has delivered keynotes on the subject. Her work has been featured in TripWire, Infosecurity Magazine, Exposure Magazine, ABC 6, NBC 29, FOX 40, WFMJ, and many more.