Close-Up Of Water Dripping From Faucet On Wall

Source: Jeppe Nissen / EyeEm / Getty

If you live in the Silver Spring or Kensington, Maryland area – today – BE CAREFUL!!!

The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission is conducting maintenance on a water main and some Montgomery County residents could see discolored water.

WSSC is doing test and flushing fire hydrants right now and all day long, so if you live in the Montgomery County area, please be care and make a point to look closely at the water coming out of your faucet!!

WSSC has tips on how to flush your water line. The utility said that discolored water may not be aesthetically pleasing, but it is safe to drink. However, it does not recommend doing laundry with it.

WSSC recommends running the cold water pipes for about five minutes or until the water runs clear.

If you continue to have discolored water, report it to 301-206-4002.