Source: Julie Thurston / Getty

Harford County Delegate has been stripped of her leadership role in the Maryland State House and you probably couldn’t guess why?

Her name is Mary Ann Lisanti and she is a State Delegate and while out with friends and other State Colleagues, she had the nerve to use the “N” word.

While talking to another representing colleague from Prince George’s County, she told the Colleague that “you are doing door to door in a “N____” District.

Hearing the news that Lisanti used the “N” word has shaken the entire Maryland Legislature including the Chair of the Harford County NAACP Zilpha P. Smith; who say’s she’s known Lisanti, who is white, for years.

ZILPHA P. SMITH (NAACP) — “I have known Mary Ann even before she ran.”  “I knew her mother. And I think her mother would be absolutely appalled by her actions.”

DELEGATE MARY LINSANTI –   “I am sickened that a word that is not in my vocabulary came out of my mouth.   It does not represent my belief system, my life’s work, or what is in my heart.”

Smith said that while Lisanti appeared before the Legislative Black Caucus to apologize, “The Black Caucus did not elect her.”

Del. Darryl Barnes, who represents Prince George’s County, and is chair of the Legislative Black Caucus, was present when Lisanti apologized to members of the caucus Monday night. He was not impressed.

Mary Lisanti has been stripped of her Committee Chairmanship; and many have called for her resignation.