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Here’s something you probably haven’t thought about unless it involves you!!!

The Government Shutdown & an employee trying to retire!!!  WHAT HAPPENS?

December is historically a popular time for federal employees to retire, but last month was different. Employees who filed their retirement claims well before the partial government shutdown began on Dec. 22 have less cause for concern, but their colleagues who waited longer or changed insurance plans during open season may be in for a ruder awakening.

OPM’s has a backlog of claims for retirement in the month of December, but they are not all getting processed.   They recorded 18,019 claims last month compared to 19,162 claims in November, but only processed 6,925 claims in December compared to 8,077 claims the previous month.

OPM said that now that the Government is shutdown, retirement claims dropped by one day to 6 days.  That’s how long it a year ago, but a spokesman for OPM said that if you did not file before the shutdown, keep packing your lunch; because it’s gonna be a minute!!!

 So if you have not filed yet, OPM say’s “don’t be in no hurry”!!!


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