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AK-47 weapons seized from two Britons al

Source: STR / Getty

A man in New Mexico named Sonny “Tex” Gilligan” is a very lucky and blessed man.

He was riding in his pickup truck with his 3 dogs; Charlie, Scooter and Cowboy.

He was going hunting in the New Mexico Dessert to hunt jackrabits.  His shotgun was sitting on the floor and pointed right at him.  That’s when Charlie hit the trigger of the gun.   The gun went off and hit Sunny.

TEX GILLIAM  – “It went through my ribs my lung and busted up my collarbone on the right side,”  I had a gaping hole, you know, and a lot of blood there too.”  “I could see the blood and I felt it.”

He was left with three broken ribs, and injured lung, a broken collarbone and three very agitated dogs and the one who was agitated the most – Charlie the one who pulled the trigger!!!!

It’s being investigated as an accidental shooting.