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Atlanta High School football

Source: Pharoh Martin / Radio One

Two years ago, when The Ballou High School Knights Football team took the field, it was determined that “Jamal Speaks” was not eligible to play and to say that it hurt maybe the biggest understatement of the year.

It was determined that Jamal Speaks did not have a permanent address and under the rules and regulation of Washington, D.,C. that makes him ineligible to play.

So two years went by and Jamal Speaks still could not and did not play.

With lots of protest, Ballou High School won and it was determined that Jamal Speaks met the necessary requirements to play High School Football

He played his first game this past weekend against inner city rival Roosevelt High School and Ballou won 29-26 in Jamal’s first game.

It was also because this was his first game in two seasons.

TEAMMATE MILAN WOMACK:  –“It was just fun to have my brother back.”

JAMAL SPEAKS:  “People accept me for who I am and I appreciate it. There’s just a lot of love.”

But as sad and disappointing as this story may be, it has an even bigger and better ending.  He’s been offered a college scholarship at the school he’s dreamed of playing for.  TEMPLE UNIVERSITY in Philadelphia!

Empty Football Stadium

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