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GRIFF is so pumped today because he was so happy about how things went at his one man show this past weekend. He’s been in comedy for the last 23 years and it was the first time he ever did one by himself. GRIFF mentioned he only faced 2 challenges. One being he had to do the run of show and list it out for the manager of the club and for the first time he wore a headset instead of holding a microphone.

With the help of friends he was able to write down things he would do in the show and come up with a order the microphone part was hard, but he pushed through it. After the weekend was over GRIFF began to talk about more things he wants to do because his faith is so much stronger and he realized that things he prayed for over time are coming and this is his season.  All GRIFF had to do was activate his faith. Moving forward GRIFF would like to do a sports show with someone, he wants to fast at least once a week and memorize a Bible verse.

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GRIFF knows God has so many things in store with him and after the show it made it clear that he can do anything he puts his mind to and puts his faith behind. Although he felt in the beginning the show was about other people it really was for him and making him realize what else he wanted in life. We can’t wait to see what other projects come about with GRIFF.

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