Perimeter Scene at Police Station Where Officer Was Killed

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Prince George’s County Police Chief Hank Stawinski is trying to do damage control!!!

Yesterday the police department was doing a demonstration with the Department Dogs, and the Officer doing the demonstration was about to show what would happen when a bad guy tried to get away from the dog.

But instead of saying “a Bad Guy”, he instead said “a Black Bad Guy.”  The chief of the Police Department apologized to residents on Monday after he says an the officer misspoke and made “an unfortunate remark” on video.

Chief Stawinski did not name the officer who referred to “a black bad guy” while teaching a group of young children how K-9s help officers find suspects, video shows.

Here’s what the officer who was doing the training said:  (talking about the dog)  “He knows from his training that he sits down when he finds something, when the handler tells him, that has human odor on it.  So, for instance, if a black bad guy is running and he drops a cellphone, or he drops this piece of leather that may have evidence or DNA on it,” .

The video was a Facebook Live published on the police department’s own page on Friday. It has since been taken down.

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