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Jeremiah Hicks talked to “Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell” about depression, anxiety and how to fight the battle. For years his mother told him to look up and the answers will come. Jeremiah believes that for years people have been running out of energy and some of the toughest people we know have been faced with battling depression and other things.

He wants us to readjust and remember even if God isn’t giving us what we prayed for he his satisfying our needs. Jeremiah recalls one day being on the bus and how kids told him when he got off they were going to fight him. He texted his dad to come to the bus stop and when he got off he was there and the kids didn’t mess with him.

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Praying and looking up to find the answer at that moment and his dad being there is what saved him. Over the last year Jeremiah has posted inspirational messages on social media. He will keep doing it because everyone needs encouragement in life.

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