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A former Miami-area police chief and two other ex-officers under federal indictment for framing Black suspects to achieve a higher crime-solving record are now facing a lawsuit. The 16-year-old Black teen named as one of the targeted people in the case has sued the ex-cops for violating his civil rights by wrongfully pinning burglaries against him in Biscayne Park, Florida, the Miami New-Times reported Tuesday.

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Raimundo Atesiano, who previously led the police department in the small suburb just north of Miami and left the job in 2014, had intentionally ordered officers to make false arrests of African-Americans to maintain a “fictitious 100 percent clearance rate of reported burglaries,” according to a U.S. Department of Justice release about the Biscayne federal indictment made public last month. An internal probe had outed Atesiano, who also directed former Officers Charlie Dayoub and Raul Fernandez to arrest the teen, identified as “T.D.” in federal court filings, in June 2013.

Another ex-cop, Guillermo Ravelo was also named in the indictment but is not a defendant.

Ravelo, Dayoub and Fernandez have all pleaded guilty to various crimes associated with the racist schemes case, including conspiracy to violate civil rights under the color of the law. All four former law enforcement figures have been named in the teen’s lawsuit, as well as the Village of Biscayne Park.

The teen, referred to as “T.D.,” had four burglaries falsely blamed on him by the corrupt ex-officers from April – May 2013. He also separately received 22 different traffic violations issued by Ravelo that same year, the suit alleged.

“The defendants were part of a conspiracy to satisfy the Village that crime was being eliminated,” the suit said.

Miami-Dade County prosecutors reportedly dropped T.D.’s charges after the State Attorney’s Office noticed problems in the police arrest affidavits. T.D. could win a hefty settlement from the lawsuit.

If the ex-cops are convicted in the indictment case, Dayoub and Fernandez each face a maximum statutory sentence of 11 years in prison while Atesiano faces a maximum of 12 years, the Justice Department said.


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