Bishop Joel Peebles and Pastor Yolanda Peebles joined “Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell” to talk about controlled stress, pain, hurt and other things women experience. Yolanda lost her father when she was younger after someone killed her dad on accident. It was something that put a lot of stress on her family and the hurt they dealt with for many years.

She mentioned that for years she carried fear and pain. Yolanda used to see men and think to herself,”are you the one that killed my dad?” She spoke about how we all go through so many issues and life can overwhelm us, but we must break through it.

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Joel talked about how we need to make the choice to be free from the hurt, pain and other things. This women’s experience will show how to control stress. The theme of the experience is “blossoming beauties.” These ladies will flourish, be free and not return to the state they came in ever again.

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