Unusual IPS School Board Meeting

Source: Amos Brown / Amos Brown

Prince Georges’s County Embattled former School Chief Kevin Maxwell who resigned for giving himself personal favors is being awarded nearly $800,000 from the county in his severance package.

Kevin Maxwell’s last day with the county was Thursday July 12.

Amidst all this confusion, two of the School Board Members David Murray and Ed Burrouighs are asking for the head of the School Board Segun Eubanks to leave also; so the voting and confusion are not over.

Board member Donna Wiseman said that no matter what happened during Maxwell’s tenure, the school system needs to move on.

But there was at least one on the board who opposed the payout. Edward Burroughs said that he did not support wasting tax dollars that could have gone to the classroom or school system.

Monica Goldson will serve as acting CEO. Goldson has been the Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning since 2016.

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