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Young female barista counts money from tips jar

Source: asiseeit / Getty

June 19th is a biggggg day in D.C. Voting for D.C. workers who live on tips for their income.

On that day voters will decide on Initiative 77.  Initiative 77 raises the minimum wage for those workers from $3.33 to the regular D.C. minimum wage by 2026. It also raises the regular minimum wage in the District to $15 an hour by 2020, and ties raises in the minimum wage to the Consumer Price Index starting in 2021.

In any industry, there’s a range to how much tipped workers make. Some bartenders make hundreds a day, while others, such as parking lot attendants and hair washers, may barely be getting by.

Some waiters say they barely make the extra $20.00 an hour in tips, while others say raising it to the minimum wage will put them in a different tax bracket.

Unidentified waiter:  “If we go to the $15.00 an hours, I don’t think the patrons will be so generous with their tips, and with the extra taxing, one will carry home less.”

Unidentified Waiter:  “A server’s schedule, the weather or even their race or gender could mean the difference as to whether they make the tips necessary to survive financially.”

Whichever side you are on — please get out and Vote!!!!