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Stacey Abrams’ campaign team has mapped out the path to her victory in Georgia’s gubernatorial election in November.

The recent primary winner is not leaving anything to chance, having already successfully won hundreds of voters to her side. A new election poll sheds light on how much Abrams has become a favorite among voters as compared to her GOP opponents and statewide elected officials, Brian Kemp and Casey Cagle. Abrams, whose historic primary victory on May 22 was due in large part to Black women, has won recognition from 76 percent, or three-quarters, of Georgia’s eligible voters, according to a new Garin-Hart-Yang research poll shared by Abrams’ campaign team with NewsOne. Forty-four percent of those voters gave her positive ratings, as opposed to Kemp who has 33 percent and Cagle who had 28.

Garin-Hart-Yang surveyed 601 likely general election voters over the phone from May 23 to last Friday.

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“Based on the campaign ran by Abrams and the reaction to her victory, her name ID has, I believe, skyrocketed,” Fred Yang, a partner with Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group, pollster for several US House members and MSNBC contributor, said during a press call on Thursday. “She is now in the same league as Cagle and Kemp.”

Abrams’ profile was “less polarizing than her two Republican opponents,” Yang added.

Here are other reasons why the primary winner was poised to become the nation’s first Black women governor:

Abrams was leading in trial heats against Kemp and Cagle throughout the state, the poll cited. In an initial trial heat mentioned by her campaign staffers, she bested Cagle by 5 percent for a 48-to-43 percent match-up. She bested Kemp by 9 percent in a 49-to-40 percent match-up.

She also unsurprisingly garnered the support of 90-plus percent of Democrats and nearly 90 percent of African-Americans when it came to base votes. Additionally, 54 percent majority of voters said they want a candidate who focuses on “building a diverse economy” — an important issue on Abrams’ agenda.

If the winner of the GOP run-off in July starts throwing negative campaign ads Abrams’ way, then her team is sure that she will still thrive due to her favorable ratings among the broader Georgia electorate.

“I think just given the dynamics of where the country and state is now, not just in partisan terms but also in wanting to send a message and wanting to get things down, I think this is a favorable environment for Stacey’s campaign,” Yang said.


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