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Isaiah Minkel attends Cascade Middle School in Sedro-Woolley, Washington. According to, Isaiah, who is on the autistic spectrum, was joking around with another boy when he was called the n-word. The boy then stabbed him six times with a pen and broke the skin. Other classmates reportedly also called him racial slurs.

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Kimberly Minkel, Isaiah’s mother said, “As a mother, watching this, it’s heartbreaking. It starts with a pen one day. It goes to a knife the next day. Then someone brings a gun to school and we have a school shooting. This is an intentional act of racial violence. This is serious.” She also refuses to send her son back to school, explaining, “I’m keeping him home because I feel it’s unsafe for him to go back to school.”

The school’s response? They want both boys to go through racial sensitivity counseling. Unless there is something that isn’t being reported, why does the child who didn’t use the racial slur need “racial sensitivity counseling”? also reports, “Sedro-Woolley’s superintendent of schools tells KING 5 the district is taking this situation seriously and hopes to work with the family toward a solution.”

Sounds like the student who physically assaulted Isaiah needs to be punished and so do the other kids who were hurling racial slurs.

She says the boy who assaulted her son is still in school and administrators have advised both boys to go through racial sensitivity counseling. Kimberly Minkel said she will be pressing charges. Watch the news clip below:


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