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Water splashing on black football player

Source: Erik Isakson / Getty

CHERRY HILL, NJ — A South Jersey high school football program with a long tradition of winning finds itself at the center of a racial firestorm after firing its head coach.

Nick Strom, a teacher, the football coach and the golf coach was fired from The Camden Catholic High School as head coach of the football team and coach of the golf team and put on leave as a teacher. Strom who is white claims his firing came because he had “too many black players on the team.”

Coach Strom:  “From day one, the administration told me they were against the ratio of the makeup between White Players and Black Players.”  He said he was trying to build a program that was based on the players’ ability, high character and grades, but the issue of race came up 10-20 times since he was hired as the head coach in 2013.

The High School President Mary Whipkey said the topic of race never came up and said that was not the reason he was fired.

A spokesperson for the school wasn’t immediately available for comment to Patch Tuesday morning.


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