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Fabolous' The Great Fabsby Birthday Celebration

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Fabolous has some serious explaining to do.

A disturbing video that recently surfaced on TMZ shows the rapper at his Engelwood, New Jersey home threatening Emily’s father and brother at his home because they were allegedly retrieving guns from the property so they could not be used against her.

Swearing, Fab threatens Emily’s father, saying “I got a bullet for you.” He also aggressively moved toward Emily on two occasions, sending her running back in fear. It also looks like had sharp object in his hand at the time, but it’s not clear what it was.

Sadly, you can also hear a child crying in the background.

As we previously reported, Fab was arrested last week for a domestic violence that after he found out via Instagram that Emily was also in LA.

According to the affidavit, Fabolous threatened, via text, to hit the victim in the head with a baseball bat and revealed that he would kill her, but “did not want to go out like that.” Fabolous allegedly punched her in the face seven times “causing severe damage to her two front teeth.”

Fab was arrested after turning himself into the police Wednesday night around 8:30 pm. He was arrested on two felony charges.


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