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Jekalyn Carr is releasing her 4th album “One Nation Under God” and her first book “You Will Win” in the same week!

Carr’s first book was released on Tuesday, and Friday, Feb. 23rd we will get to check out her latest album.

The Memphis native shared Tuesday while doing press that it was her intention to release the book and album in the same week, because she wanted to make an “inspirational impact.”

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That was the plan. I wanted to make an inspirational impact through both my album, One Nation Under God, and my book, You Will Win,” JeKalyn shared with Hype Magazine.

And we sure do need it right now!

The You Will Win singer shared her inspiration behind her first book:

You Will Win is all about getting people to live like undefeated champions. As I began to travel, people shared their situations with me and it seemed as though they were allowing their situation to defeat them when it’s supposed to be the other way around. I was then inspired to write this book to let people know that they don’t have to live their lives defeated by hurt, relationship issues, financial issues, career issues, family issues or whatever they’re dealing with.

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