After campaigning for President Donald Trump, a Michigan county’s GOP chairman announced Feb. 8 that he no longer supports the president and resigned his post over Trump’s bigotry. His motive for this change of heart is unclear and raises questions about his sincerity.

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Trump has a documented history of racism that goes back to the 1970s. He has not changed over the decades, so it’s always puzzling when public figures–especially politicians– suddenly decide that they could no longer stand with Trump on moral grounds.

What seems to motivate Republicans to distance themselves from the president is his falling poll numbers. That was the case during the presidential campaign when George Will and a group of other conservatives jumped ship. Former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney called Trump a fraud during the campaign but changed his tune after Trump won the election.

Bay County Republican Chairman Brandon DeFrain made his announcement on Facebook. After serving in the post since 2014, DeFrain leaves the party to become an Independent.

Here’s a portion of what DeFrain stated: “I can no longer remain silent about our President. I have not seen a leader, I’ve only seen more of the same. More racism in our streets, on social media and schools, more hatred between family members, more people feeling as if their human and civil rights are being violated, more drug overdoses and more people feeling tormented and discriminated against because of who they worship and who they love.”

That raises eyebrows because DeFrain came late to his epiphany about Trump. His county leans Democrat, but Trump won it with 53 percent of the vote. As the wave turns in the Democrats’ favor, it appears that DeFrain is changing with the tide by dumping Trump.


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