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Have you ever gotten a call on your cell phone or your home phone and the number on the Caller ID seems very familiar; or maybe the number is close to the phone number that you are answering from?

Well that number is put into the phone to make you think it’s somebody that you know and to ensure that you will answer it.

That’s called “Caller ID Spoofing!” and if a Maryland Delegate has anything to do with it, it’s about to be illegal.

Maryland Del. Kathy Afzali; from Carroll & Frederick counties said that she’s been spoofed too many times.


Delegate Afzali:   “I didn’t even know it had a term,” she said, but since she learned more about it, she became determined to stop it. “What ends up happening is you stop picking up your phone,” she said, describing her own experience as being “bombarded” by nuisance calls.
She is putting forth a bill – House Bill 1090 that would make Caller ID Spoofing Illegal in Maryland, and it would only be illegal if its’ used in the course of trying to defraud a caller.

Since Delegate Afzali has drafted this bill, 10 more Maryland lawmaker have jumped onboard!!!