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A search for three bank robbery suspects initially shut down all lanes of Interstate 270 in Montgomery County.

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

An ongoing study has been going on to determine the best and worst places in the nation to drive.

If you live or drive in the State of Maryland, well the drive is not too good!!!  Maryland is the third worst state to drive in!!!

What made Maryland so low to the bottom? — rush-hour congestion, average commute time and miles driven per person. The state also performed poorly in the “traffic indiscipline” category, which takes into account incidents of speeding, aggressive acceleration, harsh braking, poor turning and phone use. Maryland did, however, rank ninth-best in parking lots and garages per capita.

So if Maryland is the Third Worst State to drive in, that means there are two states below Maryland.  The State of Washington was next to last and Hawaii ranked the lowest!!! 

Virginia was rated the 13th-best state to drive in, despite joining Maryland in poor rankings in the categories of average commute time, miles driven per person and incidents of bad driving. However, Virginia boasts low costs for gas, car maintenance and car insurance premiums, as well as a low rate of car theft.

Hawaii was in the last spot in part because of high gas prices. AAA says a gallon of regular costs $3.37 in Hawaii, compared to the national average of $2.55.

So you know what State’s are the worst to drive in – so what’s the best State to drive in — TEXAS!!!!

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