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If you have ever visited the Beautiful Radio-One Studios in Silver Spring, Maryland, you would quickly realize that the area is a booming area.  One reason for that economic boom is not only Radio-One, but the Worldwide Discovery Channel Building.

The Discovery Communications Building sits right across the street from Radio-One and TV One; two Giants in Audio and Visual Communications.

But it was announced yesterday that TV Giant Discovery Channel will be selling their Headquarters Building and moving to New York City.

 It’s anticipated that Discovery, which owns the TV channels Animal Planet, TLC, Investigation Discovery and OWN, will leave its One Discovery Place headquarters building in Silver Spring in 2019. Discovery opened its headquarters in Silver Spring 2003.
Discovery President and Chief Executive David Zaslav:  “This was one of the toughest calls we have made in our company’s history, and we do not take it lightly. I felt strongly about sharing the news with all of you as quickly as possible once the decision was finalized.”

Discovery Communications employs about 1,300 people full-time locally.