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Dr. Ben Carson strikes again!

As we reported, Carson tried to stop an Obama-era rule that allowed low-income people to afford housing in areas with better schools — this was scheduled to start January 1. A federal judge shut down Ben and said the rule had to go into effect on that date. However, the  Trump administration said it would delay enforcing the federal housing rule, which is absolutely disgusting. As we all know, Carson is the unqualified secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Chicago is one of the many cities affected by poor housing and would benefit from the Obama-era rule, which is also known as the Small Area Fair Market Rent rule. And this week, according to the Chicago Tribune, Dr. Carson “appeared in Chicago to host a policy roundtable and discuss economic development.” This was a closed meeting (great way to speak to the community, Ben) but an activist manged to attend the roundtable, which took place at the Ralph H. Metcalfe Federal Building. Reportedly, 66-year-old Debra Miller stood up “and asked Carson how he would ensure housing for seniors and the homeless.” Allegedly, Ben Carson didn’t even respond or acknowledge Ms. Miller and she was escorted out by security. She told protesters outside, “He’s not here to help, and he’s not here to provide. He never talked about what he knew of housing, he never said the word ‘housing.’ But I did. It’s a human right.”

Chicago is the third-most city segregated city in the country, forcing poor people into the deplorable economic conditions with little access to jobs and a proper education. It is absolutely beyond the pale that Dr. Ben Carson, who allegedly grew up poor  in Detroit, would actively work so hard to take away fair housing. Please stay woke. This is not the type of news we hear in mainstream media. We should all be outraged.

SOURCE: Chicago Tribune


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