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A teacher at Florida Gulf Coast University is attempting to unpack the history of white people and racism. According to the course description from assistant professor of sociology Ted Thornhill, the class will  “examine the racist ideologies, laws, policies, and practices” that have allowed “white racial domination over those racialized as non-white.” Sounds like an important class, right? Well, racists are pissed.

Thorhill has been inundated with emails and voicemails claiming the course, which begins next week, is racist. The 50 students enrolled in the class are reportedly worried about their safety, according to the New York Daily News. Now, the university is increasing security and police, Vice President and Chief of Staff Susan Evans told NBC 2, “We have prepared for any possible distractions related to Tuesday’s first class of the ‘White Racism Course,’ but we are expecting normal campus civility as our students engage in this and other courses as we start the spring semester this week.”

How does the teacher feel about the reaction to his course? “Not entirely surprising given the nature of these more rabid white racists.” Exactly — no lies told there!

SOURCE: New York Daily NewsNBC 2


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