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Pastor Darrell Scott has held serious talks with President Donald Trump’s inner circle about their support if he challenges Ohio GOP Rep. Dave Joyce in a run for Congress, reported.

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“They’re family. They look at me as family, and I look at them as family,” the 58-year-old Cleveland-area pastor said. “If I talked to (the president’s son) Don Jr….They’re all aware of Dave Joyce’s opposition to the president. Do you understand what I’m saying? They’re all aware of Dave Joyce’s opposition to the president, and as a result, if we get a candidate, if a Trump guy comes and if it happens to be me, I have no doubt I’ll have their support. Everything I hear is positive.”

Scott, who has never run for office before, is one of Trump’s staunchest African American supporters. He’s considering a congressional bid because he believes Joyce is not doing enough to support the president’s agenda, citing the congressman’s opposition to Trump’s health care bill and criticism of his Twitter use. The minister has met with Donald Trump Jr., who assured him that financing his campaign is not an issue. In a two-hour discussion with Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s former campaign manager, the two men talked about laying the foundation for a campaign. And the president’s polarizing former adviser Steve Bannon has also expressed his support.

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Meanwhile, Joyce appears to be concerned. He asserted his support for the president on issues like building the wall and tax reform in a statement from his spokesman Dino SiSanto. Scott plans to decide on his future in politics next month. For right now, he’s “doing research” and “counting the costs.”



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