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At Least 20 People Killed 24 Injured After Mass Shooting At Texas Church

Source: Erich Schlegel / Getty

It was an early Sunday Morning in a small town called Sutherland Springs, Texas; when a lone gunman walked into the Sunday Morning Church Service dressed in black tactical-style gear and proceeded to shoot any, everything and everybody.

It all happened at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs; and according the the Sheriff on the scene, there was likely “no way” for worshippers to escape.

The shooters name was Devin Kelly; and when the shooting ended, 26 worshipers were dead and 20 others were wounded.

Sutherland Springs, Texas is a close knit community where everybody knew everybody and everybody at First Baptist knew one another.

Sheriff Tackitt:   “He just walked down the center aisle, turned around and my understanding was shooting on his way back out,”  who said the gunman also carried a handgun but that he didn’t know if it was fired.   Mr. Tackitt described the scene as “terrible.”

“It’s unbelievable to see children, men and women, laying there. Defenseless people,” he said.

The Pastor was out of town this particular Sunday but his Daughter was killed in the Massacre.

The shooter Devin Kelley lived in a San Antonio suburbs and it didn’t appear the be linked to any organized terrorists group.

He (Devin Kelly) was also denied a license to carry a gun in Texas but was denied by the State.  It is not clear how or where Kelley got the guns; it is still a mystery.

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