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In another tragic case of fragile masculinity, a Detroit woman was maced and beaten after rejecting the advances of street harassers, WDIC reports.

The young woman, who does not want to be identified, was getting off the bus at her local community college when she was attacked.

“A guy was walking behind her when she got off the bus, I guess a little distance behind her,” said the woman’s stepmother Ingrid Pittman. “He hollered out to her, ‘Can you give me a hug?’ She started walking faster, and he started walking faster behind her. She started to run.”

According to Pittman, a vehicle resembling a black jeep pulled up on the side of her stepdaughter and three guys exited the car.

“They were trying to get her in the vehicle, and with her kind of fighting back, they Maced her in the face, beat her up and left her on the ground.”

The victim was found unconscious in the parking lot.

The suspects are still at large. Police are now asking the community for clues to locate the assailants.

If you have tips, you can email the Westland Michigan Police Department at

SOURCES: The Root, Click On Detroit


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