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With over a million followers on Instagram, a hit TV show and a spin-off show in her honor, it’s hard to overlook the waves of influence actress Yara Shahidi has in the world of entertainment. She was recently named as one of the ‘Most Influential Teens of 2017’ by Time Magazine.

Her spinoff show, Grown-ish is set to start filming in January. Once that’s done she will attend Harvard with plans to major in African-American Studies and Sociology. Never afraid to speak her mind, Yara has a known presence on social media, where she expresses her disdain on racial and social issues, specifically the travel ban against Muslim countries.

With her Iranian and African-American background, Yara felt it was her responsibility to dive into the political debate. “My family taught me to use my voice, my work to help better society,” she said in her interview with Time.

Yara has had a powerful year, gracing the covers of Seventeen and Marie Claire, and now grabbing a spot on the Most Influential Teens list for the second year in a row. We can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring for her!


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