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San Francisco Hosts Annual Its Gay Pride Parade

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There is a group in Northern Virginia called “THE VIRGINIA FLAGGERS GROUP” – they have constructed an 80 flagpole overlooking Interstate 95 in Stafford County and they are proudly flying The Confederate Flag.

Well, in response to the Confederate Flag, a group of Stafford residents opposed to the flag has filed a new zoning complaint with the county, and members say they may erect their own 80-foot flagpole to fly a Black Lives Matter sign.

The Confederate Flag stands on private property, but the county said  the pairing constitutes an illegal business sign, rather than a protected flag.

Georgia, Andersonville, The Confederate battle flag is still proudly flown in downtown, despite the town's notorious civil war history it still insists on calling itself a Civil War village.

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The Attorney Filing the  Petition, Patricia Healy says the flag and pole are owned by the Virginia Flaggers group, “which is actively engaged in erecting Confederate flags across the Commonwealth and raising money to fund its activities.”

This is gonna get messy because Attorney Healy said:  Under current zoning ordinances,  signs may be no more than 6 feet.

So we’ll keep you informed on this ugly incident.



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