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Speed camera sign with graffiti

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Councilwoman Mary Cheh from The D.C. City Council wants to know why some of D.C.’s speed camera’s are raking in huge amounts of cash – and I mean HUGE amounts of cash!!!


After receiving many complaints from her constituents in her Ward, she sent a letter to Jeff Marootian, the interim director of the District Department of Transportation, wanting to “ensure that speed limits are appropriate and that drivers are given proper notice of the presence of a camera.”

She explained to Mr. Marootian that 22 speed cameras alone each generated at least $1 million in fines and penalties in 2016.

Close-Up Of Police Car Siren

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One speed camera on the K Street corridor near the tunnel at the end of K Street generated more than $11 million dollars last year!!


 Townsend, a frequent critic of speed cameras, noted in a statement that “the 22 top-earning speed cameras combined produced $77,536,770” last year.

The highest-earning camera is on I-295 in Southwest by Exit 1 next to the D.C.-Maryland line. It generated more than $13 million.