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There is nothing better or stronger than a mother’s love.

Case in point: This adorable video Neshaszda Wright she made for her son Princeton’s second birthday. Her ode to “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” was the theme of the party and as she recreated the iconic show’s opening credits. And just by the looks of it, she totally nailed it—from the yellow hat to the spot on font to shooting hoops to the taxi cab.

Utterly adorable!

After posting the video on on Facebook on April 15, the video went viral with over 1.5 million views and 28K shares to date.

HELLO BEAUTIFUL talked to Wright, who owns her own photographer company, about her love for “The Fresh Prince,” the importance of creating lasting memories for her children and hoping Will Smith will reach out.

HELLO BEAUTIFUL: What inspired you to do this video? Were you a fan of the show?

Neshaszda Wright: Of course! I was huge fan—it was the go-to show back in the day! And as a new mom, I am always looking for different birthday themes and I wanted to find something that matched Princeton’s name. So I started brainstorming and I was like “Fresh Prince!” And it was such a good fit because like the Fresh Prince, Princeton is really colorful and funny. Oh, and he really loves the show! We watch it when it’s on Nickelodeon.

HB: How difficult was it for you to recreate the video? 

NW: Not difficult at all. We were visiting his grandmother in Maryland before his birthday, so we just went to Walmart to get the green shirt and Michaels to get the yellow hat—and he already had the blue shorts. In terms of the actual shoot, I just showed Princeton the intro over and over again on my phone and he was ready! I just treated this like an arts and crafts project which worked because he really loves to draw and play around. The part where he was spinning in the chair, he was just chillin.’

The only challenge was getting the yellow taxi cab because it’s really hard to find one outside of New York, but we ordered one and it was fine.

HB: Does Princeton know how famous he is?

NW: [Laughs] No, but he does get super excited watching his video. Everything else he is like whatever. One day I came downstairs and was like “Princeton you have one million viewers!” He just turned back to his cartoons.

HB: Are you shocked by the positive and huge response to the video? 

NW: I am definitely surprised and overwhelmed with the positive feedback! I remember showing the video to my husband who is deployed and he was like “Cool!”  So I posted it and within hours so many people had viewed it! It was really unexpected.

But I want to say that I didn’t do this video so that it would go viral—I did this because I wanted my son to have something memorable for his birthday. That’s what most important. I want to make worthwhile memories for my children so when they get older they will have something wonderful to remember about their childhood.

HB: So…has Will Smith reached out to you yet (LOL)?

NW: Not yet! But I believe he will. I really hope that one day he will take a liking to this video and understand that this iconic character will always live on. And it was such a blessing fore me to be able to emulate a show that was about a positive Black family.

Happy birthday Princeton!

SOURCE: Facebook


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