palm sunday

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Let’s begin our celebration of Resurrection Passion Week by thinking of Jesus’ humble entry to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.  No other king could arrive to conquer warhorses and warriors while humbly riding on the foal of a donkey.  No other king could break the backbone of all warfare by the brokenness of the cross.

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Today deepen your reflection on Christ’s passion.  Marvel and wonder at the plan of God, an thank Him for the richness of His grace.

Zechariah 9:9-12 (msg)  Shout an cheer, Daughter Zion!  Raise the roof, Daughter Jerusalem!  Your king is coming!  A good king who makes all things right, a humble king riding a donkey, a mere colt of a donkey.  I’ve had it with war – no more chariots in Ephraim, no more horses in Jerusalem, no more war horses in Jerusalem, no more swords and spears, bows and arrows.  He will offer peace to the nations, a peaceful rule worldwide, from the four winds to the seven seas.  And you because of my blood covenant with you, I’ll release your prisoners from their hopeless cells. Come home, hope filled prisoners! This very day I’m declaring a double bonus – everything you lost returned twice over!

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